1. Ghostowne

From the recording REHAB + bonus acoustic EP

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I try so hard I can feel myself comin’ apart at the seams
Cause every time I start to run I fall down to my knees
Living in this one whore town trying to save my soul
Take me away with a bittersweet song and some rock ‘n roll

In this ghost town
In this ghost town

Walkin’ down the sidewalk, reflections steal the ground
Dance across the pavement refusin’ to make a sound
There’s a shadow in the sunshine, a monkey on my back
The moon rolls across to shine upon another lonely band


The air is so god-damn thick, you could cut it with a knife
As I sit and smoke my last cigarette from a pack of Marlboro lights
I swallow down some medicine from a shot glass on the bar
Make my way across the stage and strap on my guitar


Words & Music: Steven Wells
Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2002 & 2008
Steven Wells: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Joey Maggard: Lead Guitars, Vocals
Sparky Tuttle: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Bryant: Drums