Destination Unknown

words 'n music by steven wells


The Condition Lasts Forever When You Fall Into That Groove Listenin’ To The Radio As It’s Settin’ Up The Mood Nothing Seems To Matter When There's Nothing Left To Lose Hoping I Can Find Meaning In This Bottle Of Cheap Booze With A Broken Heart & A Clouded Head A One Way Ticket, I Pack Up My Baggage And Climb Aboard For A Destination Unknown Candle Wax On The Carpet, Moon Paints Up The Sky Reflecting Off A Buddha Statue That’s Been Given Me The Eye It Makes Me Think Of Loving You And All That Wasted Time I Promise Myself Next Time I Won't Be So Fucking Blind Repeat Chorus Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2004

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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