Workin' Man Blues

words & music: Steven Wells. published by Drunk Mosquitoes (BMI)


I wake up in the lion’s den waiting for the roar I put myself together & climb in my old ford Work my fingers to the bone, drag my ass home at night Into the arms of my girl & pour me a cold bud-light Cos’ I’m just a blue collar, workin’ man, tryin’ to do all I can Living between pay checks Looking for a break from the one’s who’ve got it made & hoping that I’ll be next Cos I’m up to my neck… livin in debt… Thanks to my uncle sam, I got the workin’ man I got the workin’ man blues When pharmaceutical companies & taxman take their slice It leaves me so damn poor I can’t even spend the night I don’t mean to be downhearted it’s just my point of view But if I had a bit mo’ money I probably sing a different tune

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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