Phoenix Rising

words & music: Steven Wells. published by Drunk Mosquitoes (BMI)


Standin naked on this shoutin ground A storm’s brewing & it's bearin down Better run for cover under shadow of the neon lights Cos’ I’ll take what you give & give you my best Just say the words I’ll start makin a mess I’m the seventh son of the seventh son of a bitch Cos’ I can’t get this monkey off of my back It’s a seven year itch that I can’t scratch And there ain’t no doctor that can cure this social disease As it spreads like a weed & lays down it’s roots I walk over you in my snake skin boots Tear out my heart & leave it bleedin on the stage So say a prayer for me tonight As I step from the darkness & into the light I’m a phoenix risin & takin flight Gonna get left if I don’t get right As I step from the darkness & into the light I’m breakin the silence & getting high I stagger outside to have a smoke & a drink While the moon drowns itself in a bottle of ink Burns the night like a lonely flare hangin high So I sip from a 80 proof bottle of soul Half filled with lightening the other with gold Exhale & watch the smoke rings fumble & fade

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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