No Rest For The Wicked

words & music: Steven Wells. published by Drunk Mosquitoes (BMI)


It’s dog days & a cold hard life Blowin it up under red hot lights Kickin it round dusk till dawn My body’s hurts from too much wrong Deep in a hole & it’s fillin with rain The light in the tunnel’s a runaway train But I’m workin real hard payin my dues Got no worries I got nothin’ to lose Cos there ain’t no rest for the wicked Ain’t no sleep till your dead There ain’t no rest for the wicked When you play in a rock n roll band Me & my guitar’s been through allot I used to have two but one’s in hock We share this life through good & bad I’ll have no regrets when I’m lookin back

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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