A Little Too Late

words & music: Steven Wells. published by Drunk Mosquitoes (BMI)


This bottles gotta help me somethin’s really got me I got no where to turn I've been hangin tooth & nail patient as a snail Hoping I don’t crash & burn It’s scaring me to death to think about the rest Of my life as a bittersweet song But I finally realized when it took me by surprise Now I’m left to wonder on As my tongue is a bleedin & the words are a breakin A little too little too late My body lyin still as my mind starts to achin A little too little too late Yeah my tongue is a bleedin as my mind starts to achin A little too little too late A little too little I’m feelin’ belittled a little too little too late I still don’t understand as I try to make a plan Under smokey barroom lights I could drink myself a river but it won’t drown the shivers Make everything alright I know there’ll come a time when I’ll stop to wonder why The hell I just don’t give it up And will it be worth the sacrifice & hurt When there’s no guarantees it’ll all work Repeat chorus In this house as I sit all alone I’m wonderin Feelin like a leaf in the breeze I hear the echo’s of a voice tellin me I got a choice And I think it’s time to redeem But when the moon kills the sun & it’s time to get along And these walls won’t let me out I wish I had a wreckin ball waiting on my beckon call So I could knock those fuckin walls down

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