Two Steps Behind

words 'n music by steven wells


I’ve Spent My Life On This Lonely Road My Only Companion’s This Guitar I Hold Broken Hearts, Three For A Dime Now It’s Another Show Another One Night Stand Playing In This Rockin Band Livin And Lovin On The Fly A Music Life Ain’t What It Seems Sometimes I Wonder What It Means When I Wake Up Surprised To Be Alive Other Times It Takes Me Down A Path In Life That’s So Profound That I Can’t Explain The Joy I Find One Step Ahead Two Steps Behind One Step Ahead Two Steps Behind One Shot Away From Crossin’ The Line Too Broke To Live To Young Too Die One Step Ahead And Two Steps Behind One Step Ahead And Two Steps Behind Sometimes I Struggle With The Life I Choose Playin’ Songs And Singin The Blues Knowin’ I’ll Never Make A Dime Then I Pick Up My Out Of Tune Guitar Play A Song And Laugh Real Hard It Takes Me Away, Damn I Feels So Fine One Step Ahead And Two Steps Behind Repeat Chorus Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2005

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Bangin' & Twangin'

  • May 12
    A Bar Named Sue - State,  Midvale
  • Jun 9
    The Barbary Coast Saloon,  Salt Lake City
  • Jun 22
    The Yes Hell,  Ogden
  • Jul 19
    DeJoria Center,  Kamas

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