Hit & Run

words 'n music by steven wells


Her Cheatin’ Heart Made Me Jump ‘N Run Got An Itchy Finger On A Loaded Gun As She Stared Down That ’45 With Her Loving Eyes She Said "The Only Men Worth A Shit Turn Into Losers, Lawyers Or Pricks" I Asked Her Why She Fooled Around Then I Shot Her Down Thinkin’ Bout What The Hell I Did, Now I Know That I’m A Wanted Man As I Drive Down To The Local Saloon, Under A Bloody Moon I Know Her Lover Come To Put Me Away, Dead Or Alive It’s Judgment Day I’ll Sit And Wait And Bide My Time Then I’m Gonna Order Another Round Before I Lay The Hammer Down And Drive Gonna Order Another Round And Get The Fuck Out Of This Town Tonight When That Punk Came Around The Bend With A Sawed Off Shotgun In His Hand He Screamed At Me “Your Time Is Due” And The Bullets Flew I Took A Shot In My Right Leg And Another Shot Grazed My Head But When The Smoke Cleared He Lay Dead, I Stood Over Him And Said Repeat Chorus Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2005

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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