Father, Son & Holy Ghost

words 'n music by steven wells


We Were Playing Show On The West Coast When I Guy walked up to me He Said Hey Your Band Is Rockin’ Man and you really set me free I Said Thank You Sir can I buy you a drink for being so damn kind And Introduce You To a few friends of mine And let it roll let’s get high With three good friends of mine Better known by most As the father, son & holy ghost So lets get high, make a toast to save our souls We All Sat Down At The End Of The Bar buzzin’ like a honey bee And In The Background The Jukebox was playing “Have A Drink On Me” After An Hour Or Two He Hollar’d I have seen the light And You And All Your Friends well hell your alright Repeat Chorus I Said Hey Man You Gotta Watch My Friends or they’ll turn on you real fast He Lifted His Head and he said to me, your friends can kiss my ass As he Slumped Down In His Bar Stool like a beggar out in the cold I Knew Right Then My Good Friends had stolen his soul Repeat Chorus Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2006

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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