Bloody Mary Morning

words 'n music by steven wells


Can't Breathe I’m Chokin’ On My Tongue I’m Flirtin’ With Disaster And Hell Bent To Run So Give Me One More Before You Close It Down I Got Me A Sweet Little Thing Who Looks Fantastic Through My Blood Shot Eyes And Beer Bottle Glasses And I Can Feel A Bloody Mary Morning Coming Round Sometimes I Feel, Sometimes I Feel Like Cigarettes And Gasoline Coffee And Amphetamines So Smoke Em If You Got ‘Em Cos I Finally Hit Rock Bottom The Next Morning I Fell Out Of Bed With A 12-Pack Still Lodged In My Head And Distant Memories Of Who Or What I Did As Stumble Forward With Reckless Abandon I Can Hardly Believe I’m Alive And Standing As Another Bloody Mary Morning’s Creepin’ In Repeat Chorus Well The Sight Of Her Makes Me Shake And Shiver She’s What You’d Call A Natural Disaster I Need A Cold Shower To Wash The Ugly Off Of Me As I Try To Focus Through Hangover Glasses My Head Feels As Thick As Molasses On This Bloody Mary Morning Tragedy Repeat Chorus Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2005

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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