by Ghostowne

Released 2012
Clumsy Buddha
Released 2012
Clumsy Buddha
Country Rockin' Twangy Goodness
Formed in 1999 by singer/songwriter Steven Wells, Ghostowne weaves Country-Twang, Southern Rock, Roots-Rock and high octane energy into a unique, new and original package. A sound derivative of blue-collar life.

The songs drip with tequila sweat, and through the timber of Steven’s voice, Allen’s solid bass tones, Joey’s searing guitars and Jeff’s persevering backbeats, lies a quality of emotional extremes relative to peering out a window on a cross-country road trip and seeing different faces all sharing a similar personal struggle.

2012 will brings yet another chapter in the band’s history. The band has teamed up once again with producer/engineer Matt Winegar (Primus, Slider, Simple Plan. Sparta, Royal Bliss, Geffen, A&M, Interscope) for their 6th full length effort, “Rehab.” Slated for release early Winter 2012.

Prior Ghostowne releases such as After The Rain, This Is The Place, Dry County, Dust ‘n Bones, American Twang plus numerous compilation appearances show just how diverse this band can be.

Ghostowne has built a devoted following as a result of a relentless work ethic, devil-may-care attitude and performing, performing, performing.

GHOSTOWNE in short are a bunch of restless shit-kickers, always pushing the boundaries of country & rock.

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Bangin' & Twangin'

  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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