After The Rain

by Ghostowne

Released 2002
Clumsy Buddha Records
Released 2002
Clumsy Buddha Records
Painstakingly Crafted Mid-West Rock
Straight outta The Heartland - GHOSTOWNE has been recognized as one of the hardest working bands in Rock `n Roll.

Always putting its money where its mouth is, GHOSTOWNE consistently brings its music straight to the fans, no matter what the consequences. Trends may come, and trends may go, but GHOSTOWNE remains strong and true, kicking out straight-up, proud and honest Rock `n Roll, sans the bulls**t factor that's so prevalent in today's industry.

GHOSTOWNE wins major points for consistency and persistence. Nearly the same line-up that was spawned in 2000 remains to this day: Steven Wells (vocals, guitar), James 'jesse' Burnitt (guitar), Ryan Petersen (drums) and Stephan Allen (bass) - four friends who got together to make music for themselves and for people who want to have a good time. The group has built a devoted following as a result of a relentless work ethic, devil-may-care attitude and performing, performing, performing. GHOSTOWNE in short are a bunch of restless s**t-kickers, always pushing the boundaries of rock.

For GHOSTOWNE, it's always on to the next thing. The group will be entering the studio in September to record 2 full length CD's "Dry County" and "This Is The Place" to follow-up their stunning 2002 debut release "After The Rain".  They will once again team up with producer/engineer Matt Winegar (Primus, Slider, Geffen, A&M, Interscope)

"Songwriting has always been the main thing," Steven Wells says. "It's funny - you can dress 'em up however you want to, but it always comes back to the song - to the acoustic guitar and the voice. That's how it all started for me, and that's how it is still today.

"We want to confirm the things we believe about music and reintroduce American rock n' roll to our generation," explains Wells. " We play over 80 shows a year and it's obvious to us that people really do want good rock n' roll. We think Ghostowne gets us on the road toward that!"

Produced by Matt Winegar (Primus, Slider, Spent Poets and more.) the debut Ghostowne offering entitled "After The Rain" has been receiving great reviews by critics, musicians and most importantly... the fans.

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