Slippin' Away

words 'n music by steven wells


She Never Asked For An Easy Ride Just A Chance To Prove Herself Never Wanted More From Life Than Happiness And Wealth She Had The Chance & The Dream Was There To Take It All The Way But She Chose The Path That Led Her To The Place She Is Today And It’s Slippin’ Away It’s Slippin’ Away It’s Slippin’ Away He Always Knew The Day Would Come When He’d Take It To The Top But He Lost Control Along The Way And Didn’t Know How To Stop Now Time Passed In The Blink Of An Eye & Left Him Standin’ All Alone Waiting For The Dust To Clear So He Can Find His Way Home Chorus 2x To Many Dreams Clouded By Addictions Or Love To Many Night Spent Passed Out Drunk Or On Drugs It’s Been A Hard Road & They’ve Sacrificed, Some Would Say Too Much Time Has Come And Passed Them Bye, Now They’re Out Of Touch Chorus 2x Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2002

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  • Mar 6
    Liquid Joe's,  Salt Lake City

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