King Of Fools

words 'n music by steven wells


I’m Sorry About What I Said, I Didn’t Mean To Make You Mad I Wish I Could Go Back In Time Take The Words Back Outta My Head, I’d Erase All The Stupid Things I Said And Still Be Here With You Tonight I’m Sitting By The Telephone, & The More I Wait The More I Know That Your Not Gonna Call Again Way You Loved Me S’ All That Mattered Lost My Chance When I Took It For Granted Now I’m Just A Sorry Son Of A Bitch Cause I’m The King, The King Of Fools, I’m The King Of Fools Yes, It’s True I Think Of All The Times We Shared, The Days And Nights We Spent Together And I Wonder Was It All Just A Dream Nothing In The World I Know That Could Replace The Lovin’ That You Showed And I Hope You Learn To Forgive You Were My Little Baby, My Honey Pot You Got Sweeter With Ever Drop I Can’t Believe That You’ve Gone Away I’ve Taken It Back And Apologized I Hope You Can See It Through My Eyes And Give This Foolish Boy One More Chance Chorus 2x Take Me Back To The Start, Take Me Back Into Your Heart How Do I Make You Understand Just Give Me One More Chance To Make It Right, I’ll Do Anything To Hold You Tight I Promise You That I’ve Changed That I Love You, Need You, Want To Feel You Never Thought I Could Believe You When You Said You’re Gone For Good But Now I’ve Seen The Error Of My Ways. And I’ll Sit And Count The Lonely Days And Wear This Crown Of Thorns Till You Come Back Chorus 3x Drunk Mosquitoes BMI © 2002

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